Willy and Wanda and the flying wooden shoe

Willy and Wanda and the flying wooden shoe inside image

Willy and Wanda and the flying wooden shoe, that’s the titel of a Vlamish comic about the adventures of Willy and Wanda. The first time that the American public could read the adventures of Willy and Wanda (Suske en Wiske in Vlamish) was in 1976. That year started the series with the title Willy and … Read more

The new phenomenon cloglife and the relation to wooden shoes

cloglife dutch wooden shoes

The Dutch well-known newspaper “Volkskrant” had on 25th of October an interesting article about the new phenomenon called #cloglife. But what is cloglife and how it is related to wearing Dutch wooden shoes? What is cloglife It is a trend, people who are slowing down and step backward from the rat-race. People decide to become … Read more

Election The showpiece of the Netherlands

Wooden Shoes Mills The Netherlands

What do Wooden Shoes, Delft Blue, Girl with the pearl and the bookcase of Hugo de Groot say about the Netherlands and the Dutch? Presenter Jort Kelder looks for what defines us Dutch. That which says the most about our history. And that which connects us the most during the Election “The showpiece of the … Read more

Wooden shoes walking routes

There is a special website in the Netherlands where you can find wooden shoes walking routes through the farm fields in the provinces Gelderland and Utrecht. Enjoy the walk of quietness, the combination of culture and nature. Very nice that we have this in Holland. So put on your Dutch clogs and start walking!   … Read more