What is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands

What exactly is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands? We, and people from other countries, call our country the Netherlands. But foreigners call our country often Holland. We also have two provinces called Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. How is this connected or is there no connection? In any case, it doesn’t make it any easier. In this short article you can read about the difference between Holland and the Netherlands.

In summary, it can be said: Holland is the name of our country, Holland consists of the provinces of South Holland and North Holland.

The name Holland has a long history. The reason it is still widely used today is mainly due to the great influence of the province of Holland over the years. In addition, our country was promoted as “Holland” by the tourism industry for many years. Not only the name was used for the promotion but also the tulips and windmills which are mostly found in North and South Holland.

The Dutch government is busy rebranding our country and wants to get rid of the name Holland and the image of clogs, cheese, windmills and tulips. The image must change to the Netherlands of today. Our openness, resourcefulness and the development of the latest techniques.