Pay wooden shoes with cryptocurrencies

wooden shoes cryptocurrency

It is now possible to pay wooden shoes with cryptocurrencies. Yes, we know it is a contrast with wooden shoes which go back to the 13th Century (please read the history of wooden shoes).  We support the following cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Bitcoing Gold, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP. When there is a cryptocurrency you want to … Read more

Traditions of the Sinterklaas party placing (wooden) shoes sweets and the bag

Traditions Sinterklaas wooden feautured

The Dutch celebrate on the 5th of December the Sinterklaas party, children placing (wooden) shoes in the hope they get sweets (so called “pepernoten”) from Sinterklaas. The Sinterklaas festival Like many other folkloric and traditional holidays, the Sinterklaas festival is surrounded by a large number of traditions, often hundreds of years old. With Sinterklaas, for … Read more