History of wooden shoes

History of wooden shoes

A clog is a kind of shoe made simply or directly from wood. Wooden shoes are utilized worldwide and even though the shape can vary by culture, inside a culture the shape frequently continued to be unchanged for hundreds of years. We can tell a lot about the history of wooden shoes.

Wooden footwear goes as far back a minimum of 800 years based on data available at the moment. Fortunately old illustrations and works of art have given some evidence, as excavated samples are rare. Most worn-out wooden footwear wound up as fire wood, making the finds in Amsterdam and Rotterdam of greater value. The good examples found date correspondingly from around 1230 and 1280.

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Clogs are frequently connected with whole feet style clogs in the Netherlands (Holland).

Traditional clogs were frequently worn in heavy labor. Today they continue to be being used as protective clothing in agriculture as well as in some industrial facilities and mines. Although clogs are occasionally adversely connected with cheap and folkloric shoes of maqui berry farmers and also the working class, some kinds of clogs are thought as fashion put on today.

Clogs will also be utilized in a number of different types of dance. When worn for dancing an essential feature may be the seem from the clog from the floor. This is among the fundamental roots of tap, however with the tap footwear the taps can click against one another and convey different seem to clogs.
Clogs are located in three primary types: whole feet, wooden soled and overshoes.

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Whole feet clogs result in the complete shoe from wood, like the familiar Nederlander Clogs. They're also called "wooden footwear". Whole feet clogs can provide sufficient protection for use without additional supports.


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