About us

About us

Dutch-Clogs.com is a webshop owned by a small company called Albus Sales which is located in the Netherlands, in a town called Oss. We sell Dutch souvenirs. The Traditional Dutch Clogs are made by a clog maker who lives in a town nearby. The clog maker is the 5th generation of a family of clog makers and the family tree goes back to the year 1830 when the first clog maker was born.
The company is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under license number 50798278. For more information visit the following website: http://www.kvk.nl/englishwebsite/. When you need our Dutch BTW number please contact us.

Our address:

Ridderhof 98
5346WR Oss
The Netherlands

Mail: info[at]dutch-clogs.com or contact us via the contact form on our site.

Our bank details are:

Bank name Triodos Bank
Bank place, country Zeist, Netherlands
Account number: 0197 7365 21
For Europe IBAN: NL03 TRIO 0197 7365 21
PayPal sales[at]dutch-clogs.com