Clogging trails walk across farmland

The picture is for the article clogging trails. It is a photo of clogs on a roundabout.

Clogging trails are local marked hiking trails across farmland. There are hundreds of clog trails throughout the Netherlands. During your walk, enjoy the tranquility, small scale and combination of culture and nature. How a clogging trail is formed A clogging path originates with a local initiative for a path, for example from a municipality, a … Read more

Do people in the Netherlands still walk on wooden shoes?

photo of people in the Netherlands dancing

While wooden shoes, also known as clogs, have a long history in the Netherlands, they are no longer a common form of footwear for daily use. These days, they are more often associated with traditional dress and cultural events or used as a souvenir for tourists. However, there are still some people in rural areas … Read more

The history of wooden shoes from the Netherlands

Clogs to demonstrate the history of wooden shoes from the Netherlands

Wooden shoes, or “klompen” in Dutch, have a long history in the Netherlands that dates back to the Middle Ages. These shoes were originally worn by farmers and other working-class people as a practical and durable form of footwear. The earliest known wooden shoes from the Netherlands were discovered in a peat bog in the … Read more

Custom painted clogs

custom painted clogs steven

We’ve got a mail from a very nice customer, Steven, who custom painted his clogs. Steven lives in the United States and he send us pictures of painted clogs. He ordered blank clogs and he and his girlfriend painted them. Steven’s girlfriend painted the detailed work, the logo and names. Wow, very impressive! I asked … Read more