Shipping rates

Shipping rates

When we receive an order at Dutch Clogs webshop, we will pack your order and ship it as soon as possible. When the order is on stock we will we ship it the same or the next day.

When one or more products are not available at that moment or have a very long delivering time, we will contact you as soon as possible. Your package will be send to you only as soon as the whole order is complete.

Shipping can take about 1-3 weeks around the world, depending on where you live. Delivery to the US normally takes about 12-14 days. Delivery in Holland will be in a few days.

All the orders are mailed in reliable boxes which will ensure that your purchase will arrive safely and without any damage at your place. We need to know your street address for deliver, post office boxes we cannot deliver.

Prices for shipping wooden shoes

Due to the Corona virus the price of sending a parcel has gone up at the shipping company. This will be a temporary measure.

To give an indication, a pair of clogs has a weight of 1.5 Kg.

We send the order with the DHL or PostNL. When the order has a weight of more than 20kg send us an e-mail for a quote because during check-out you will get an error message "Please enter a valid postcode/ZIP."

Track and trace code will be provided by the mail when we send the clogs. You can track the order on the DHL parcel or PostNL site.



Shipping tomaximum 2kg 2kg till 5kg5kg till 10kg10kg till 20kg
The Netherlands$15 per order$15 per order$20 per order$30 per order
Europe$23 per order$33 per order$38 per order$48 per order
Outside Europe$40 per order$56 per order$92 per order$168 per order