Fabrication of wooden shoes

Fabrication of wooden shoes

Clogs are mostly made out of willow and poplar. The fabrication of wooden clogs is as following.

Firstly, a newly felled tree is scored and then divided into sections. Great experience is required to economically divide into sections. The rough form is carved with an special axe. An adze can also be used for this.

A large elongated knife is then used to work the outside of the shoe in more detail. The outside of the shoe is now quite well defined.

For the inside of the clog the clog maker wedges the shoes to his workbench. He then drills two holes in the mouth with a small gouge. Scooping out the wood between the holes creates a cavity. A medium sized gouge and a large gouge can then be used to hollow out enough wood so that the foot can be placed comfortably inside.

The outer part of the shoes must be finished off before the pair can be tied together with string. The finished shoes are then hung outside or placed in racks to dry out, preferably in the wind and shade.

The clogs can be worn plain or decorated further.