Last week there was Carnival in the Netherlands

Carnival is an originally Catholic celebration that precedes the period of Lent. It probably originated in medieval Italy, where the masked ball attracted many spectators. From here it blew over to other parts of Europe.

Many towns and villages in Brabant, Limburg, Gelderland and Zeeland have a carnival parade. During Carnival 2024, many activities start as early as Friday, Feb. 9, and in some cities/villages, carnival did not end until Ash Wednesday, Feb. 14.

What do people do?

With carnival, everything is upside down! You live it up: dress up, go crazy, eat and drink a lot… Because carnival used to be the last moment in winter when you could do all that. Then Lent began, which lasted until Easter.

The province of Brabant is the largest carnival province in the Netherlands. In Limburg, carnival starts on Thursday, Feb. 8. The traditional “Auw Wieverbal” in Valkenburg takes place on the Thursday evening before carnival.