Our webshop is mentioned on the Silverkris magazine

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We are very proud to announce that our webshop is mentioned on the famous Silverkris magazine and also website from Singapore Airlines! What they have to say about Dutch clogs is the following: “Part of the traditional Dutch dress, clogs are a must on a visit to the Netherlands, whether you buy a mini version on … Read more

More about wooden shoes

wooden shoes

Dutch clogs are in fact exactly what they are called as well: wooden shoes. In this article we tell you something more about wooden shoes and why it was during a long time the traditional footwear in the Netherlands. Different uses of wooden shoes Wooden shoes are a traditional kind of footwear. Professionals in Europe especially in some … Read more

Kings-day 2017 in the Netherlands


The 27th of April we are going to celebrate the birthday of our king Willem-Alexander during Kings-day 2017. We call it kings-day. This year is a special edition because he celebrates his 50th anniversary! Kings-day 2017 Kings-day 2017 is in the Netherlands a national holiday. This day is the party of national solidarity and is a … Read more

Dutch carnival on wooden shoes


The Dutch carnival on wooden shoes is over. We had a good time but are also thankful we can sell clogs again, we love our job. We are busy with the making and marketing of Dutch clogs. What is Carnival? It was originally a Roman Catholic festival, which possibly has pagan roots and is celebrated in … Read more