Willy and Wanda and the flying wooden shoe

Willy and Wanda and the flying wooden shoe, that’s the titel of a Vlamish comic about the adventures of Willy and Wanda.

The first time that the American public could read the adventures of Willy and Wanda (Suske en Wiske in Vlamish) was in 1976. That year started the series with the title Willy and Wanda. Eight books were published in two years time.
The numbering of the albums isn’t consistent since the numbering from the original Flemish series was kept.

Resume of the comicbook

One evening at home with Aunt Sidonia, our friends have a problem. They want to see all the tourist sights of Noord-Brabant, but they don’t know how to achieve that.
At that moment Professor Barabas comes in and he has a solution. It is his newest invention, namely the Flying Clog. According to the professor you can best admire the Dutch beauty on clogs and his Flying Clog flies on an air cushion.
Lambik thinks that is ridiculous, he thinks a bicycle is better. Jerom also sees it this way.
The professor also has a solution to this: a solid Dutch bicycle.
Lambik accepts this and claims that he and Jerom will beat Sidonia and the children in the Flying Clog on a bicycle.
Sidonia accepts the proposal, but requires that a photograph be taken of each attraction. Barabas is also offering a prize to the winner.

Front image of the comicbook

Willy and Wanda and the flying wooden shoe front image