Wooden Shoes Model Trip Blank


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These are our traditional wooden shoes model Trip blank. These pure blank clogs are made smooth by sandpaper and further on they are not painted. They get a personal touch by wearing them.

The trip clog is a variation of the clog. The wooden part over the upper foot is missing. Instead, a trip, a strap of leather, is attached.

You can place the leather straps yourself.

These clogs are only available in the size 24cm till 30cm.


Small history about blank and painted clogs

After 1920, the clogs began to be painted. Clogs that were worn on clay soil were mostly painted black and clogs that were worn on sandy soil yellow. At the top, often dots were painted, as if there were fat holes in the clog. Probably this was done to make the wooden bodies look like shoes as much as possible.

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