The new phenomenon cloglife and the relation to wooden shoes

The Dutch well-known newspaper “Volkskrant” had on 25th of October an interesting article about the new phenomenon called #cloglife. But what is cloglife and how it is related to wearing Dutch wooden shoes?

What is cloglife

It is a trend, people who are slowing down and step backward from the rat-race. People decide to become self-employed and take their life’s in their own hands. They want to strive for a more quiet life and recover the relationship with nature. They also choose to eat healthy and natural food. Back to nature!

Lately more newspapers and websites are writing about clog-life. For example The New Yorker wrote a nice article about “the life-changing magic of clogs”.

The real cloglife with wooden shoes

In recent years it was a trend to wear Crocs, but they are made of plastic and are sweaty.  Because people choose living a simple life and more living in nature, the wooden shoe is a logical choice of wearing. The wooden clog keeps your feet warm and dry like no other.

Personalized clogs

The nice thing about the wooden clog is that they are available in all kinds of colors and designs. You can also personalize them with photos and choose your own design and color.