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Clogging trails walk across farmland

The picture is for the article clogging trails. It is a photo of clogs on a roundabout.

Clogging trails are local marked hiking trails across farmland. There are hundreds of clog trails throughout the Netherlands. During your walk, enjoy the tranquility, small scale and combination of culture and nature.

How a clogging trail is formed

A clogging path originates with a local initiative for a path, for example from a municipality, a volunteer group, an agricultural nature society or a group of farmers.

Clogging trails routes

Clogging trails are also marked in the field, so it is possible to walk a clog path without a leaflet and trail map. There are several websites where leaflets and maps are available. You can also buy booklets or leaflets about clogs paths at a tourist information point. Furthermore, there is a clogs paths app! Via the app “allebankjes” you can also find where benches are located.

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